IO2 - In-service Training Programme Handbook

Digital and Social Media in-service Training Programme Handbook

The capacity of youth professionals to embed the new digital and social media literacy resources into their daily routines is critical to realising the aims of the TRACES project. To support their continuous professional development an appropriate in-service training resource has been provided.

The in-service training curriculum for the continuous professional development of youth professionals has been developed in the form of an in-service Training Programme Handbook.

The in-service training introduces the 16 new digital and social media literacy resources that has been made available and the 8 thematic areas they address. The new resources are media-rich and interactive and the in-service training familiarises the youth workers with the new approaches required to effectively use and integrate the new resources into everyday activities.

Working with the local youth workers, partners presented in-service training materials for sampling and validation before including them in the final training programme.

The in-service training programme is just as relevant to any person involved in youth development or working to support the digital and social media literacy of any young person in any youth development setting.

TRACES IO2 In-service Training Handbook


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